when she comes knocking at your door

with chocolate covered cashews

will you crack the nuts

and bolts of your door to peak out

leave yourself vulnerable to find out what she really wants

do you think she’ll barge in and break parts of your heart

just so she could steal the warmth the desired?

or will she pour herself into you

instead of the cup of coffee you could offer?

will she kiss you goodnight before she leaves?

or sneak out with a faux love note on the dresser?

leave dust in corners of your mind you

didn’t want to know existed?

tell me

do you know this woman?

have you visited her heart?

did she open the door?

ask her if you can stop by her heart one day

find out how clean she keeps it


24 October 2013

The navy might have more war seals than my mind can foster

But I’ve kissed sealed the envelopes red

So many times that my lips chapped

And my heart bled the same tone as ink

While I was missing you

I never wrote you letters with those fine, fragile pens

I was too worried that

My calligraphy would become broken and twisted like my psyche

I didn’t want to feel you worry

From so far away

For the both us

And a third one coming soon

You’ve been such a strong trooper

23 October 2013

I want to be worn

Not worn down like shoes

But I will walk this path with you

I want you to wear me like your favorite watch

Wear me like time stops when we’re together

Like the universe created a time portal for our love

I never question your kisses in the dark at 2am

You wanted to kiss light into my darkest corners

And match the match flames with a burning heart

Full of wooden toys

Now I don’t really want to played with

But when you toy with my temper

I can’t help but smile

21 October 2013

My taste buds kiss your limerence

When I read your poetic eyes

And dot the i’s in your freckles

You breathe the most beautiful poems

Alive after you’ve bitten the most brutal bullets

Your words are stained bloody with the heart

You have too much of

And in any position you take

You still fit me like a glove

But you engulf me

Suffocate me in your essence

Your existence is so implausible to me that

You can morph into water

Or some acidic liquid that blinds people

But gloves keep the germs out, right?

But boxing gloves keep my knuckles from bleeding, right?

So when I finally got your punchline

The gloves came off

And then it hit me

I was the only one bleeding

When I punched mirrors

30 May 2013
"Listen, short stuff, I skip my moon rocks across your puddle dive. I bet you smell like butterfly, but I bet you dream cocoon."
Andrea “Boss” Gibson
28 January 2013

Martin Scorsese designed each year in the film to look just the way a color film from that time period would look. Achieved mainly through digitally enhanced post-production, Scorsese recreated the look of Cinecolor and two-strip Technicolor. Watch in particular for the scene where Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) meets Errol Flynn (Jude Law) in the club. Hughes is served precisely placed peas on a plate, and they appear blue or turquoise - just as they’d have looked in the primitive two-strip Technicolor process. As Hughes ages throughout the film, the color gets more sophisticated and full-bodied.




is he about to cry because i’m seriously about to cry if he is

actual time lord Bill Nye

I feel like Bill Nye will be one of the people The Doctor would visit some day. He’s met Shakespeare, Dickens, Agatha Christie, and Van Gogh. And then he’d meet the man who made all those names famous. Without Bill Nye, how would children know Galileo? How would they know about NASA?

Bill Nye is the person who first teaches children about the stars. The man who made kids so curious, that one day, maybe one of his viewers will be the first man on mars. All because of Bill Nye. And I think the Doctor would find it an honor to shake his hand.




Key guns, 1600s

‘Jailers’ keys were apparently filled with gun powder to create a primitive gun that could be detonated if there was any trouble when opening a cell door. We found several original versions that back up this claim, dating from the 17th century and of various complexity.’

Very cool


Go Forth